Never Part

Once I had a very kind sister. We are not biologically related but we are emotionally attached. I knew her from my mom’s office. She seldom stay at our home and slept with me. I grew  up wishing to be just like her. She was a great nurse.

She was well married with her loving and humorous husband. Both of them live harmoniously despite the fact that my sister was incapable of baring a child. Although her husband was once caught cheating, that remains to be a history and it never happened again.

I couldn’t really trace how everything turns upside down. My sister was working at that time for her working visa to the west when she had experienced nausea and vomiting. We brought her in the hospital for examination. She was taking her medication everyday while we continue to do our normal daily routines. We never really took her condition seriously. Until such time when she became so thin and her condition unexpectedly worsened.

We cried seeing her in this condition. But for her there was never pain. We consulted various of doctors until one doctor demanded for a chemotherapy. Months after the chemotherapy, gone is her long, shiny, well cared hair.

I am always trying to stop my tears whenever I’m with her. I wanted to give her courage but I wonder if i ever succeed in that.

After the therapy she became even worser. We traveled overseas to look for great doctors in the country we even came to the point of consulting quack doctors. And one quack doctor told us that it was a work of evil. One quack doctor rubs her back and from there, worms and tiny stained glasses sprout out. We were stunned. So stunned and we fall into tears when I heard my sister screaming in pain.

 She suffered a lot. And it came to the point when all her wealth were gone. She had nothing left but us. She traveled back to her parents home where she grew up. She was filled with different medical hose attached to her body. She would even smell the aroma of the food but she’s not allowed to eat a bit. She ate through the hose on her abdomen. But she’s still smiling as she always do.

I could still remember the way she talk with hope of getting well. She would told seldom make it as a joke that she’d eat a drum of food and gained her previous body proportion once her well.

After experiencing almost a year of suffering, one night we received a call that she was rush to the hospital. I saw her struggling while the doctors are pushing a hose on her mouth down to her lungs to supply oxygen on her body and to keep her alive.

One thing that touched me was what the doctor said while crying:

“You can do this, you knew you can, for we used to do this together before. Hold on. This is our job.”

I never knew they were related. My sister used to work in that hospital before. After all her struggles everything became stable. But then in the midst of the night. She died.

But one thing I was certain about was…wherever she is now she is happy. For even before her death despite her  hardships to talk, she still gave thanks to the Lord.

What’s hard for me now is seeing her husband alone at their home.

I may not totally understand how her husband feels. I may not be able to put it into words..but I know and I can see in him the endless of their vow.

“Till death do as part.”

But in their heart I know they are still tangled so am I to my sister, and they will never part so am I as well as our shared memories.


2 thoughts on “Never Part

  1. Quite insightful submit. Never believed that it was this simple after all. I had spent a great deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you¡¯re the only one that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up

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